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  • Winter landscape with tree Winter landscape with tree 40x50cm SOLD
  • Where rivers and paths cross Where rivers and paths cross 30x30cm SOLD
  • Wells marshes in Winter Wells marshes in Winter 30x40cm SOLD
  • Summer winds and rains Summer winds and rains 55x75cm SOLD
  • Summer reed beds Summer reed beds 50x50cm SOLD
  • Summer border Summer border 60x60cm SOLD
  • St Ives Beach cottages St Ives Beach cottages 40x50cm SOLD
  • Stubble field Stubble field 50x60cm SOLD
  • Quy Fen, mid-Summer Quy Fen, mid-Summer 40x70cm SOLD
  • Landscape with tree Landscape with tree 40x50cm SOLD
  • High Summer, Quy Fen High Summer, Quy Fen 50x60cm (framed £250)
  • Hazy afternoon, St Ives harbour Hazy afternoon, St Ives harbour 50x60cm SOLD
  • Haslingfield poppies Haslingfield poppies 24x33cm SOLD
  • Cornish Rocks and Inlets Cornish Rocks and Inlets 35x45cm SOLD
  • Chalk Hill Chalk Hill 100x80cm SOLD
  • Boat Boat 25x30cm SOLD
  • Boats, St Ives Harbour Boats, St Ives Harbour 50x50cm SOLD
  • Avenue of trees Avenue of trees 55x75cm SOLD
  • Autumn winds Autumn winds 35x30cm SOLD
  • Autumn grasses and reeds Autumn grasses and reeds 50x60cm SOLD
  • Winter to Spring Winter to Spring 30 x 40 cm SOLD
  • Little Hill Little Hill 25 x 30 cm SOLD
  • Bowl of Pears Bowl of Pears 40 x 50 cm SOLD
  • Bowl of Fruit Bowl of Fruit 30x 40 cm SOLD
  • 3 Cups 3 Cups 30 x 40 cm SOLD
  • Cornish Pebbles in Bowl with Apple Cornish Pebbles in Bowl with Apple 30 x 40 cm SOLD
  • Study for Protection I Study for Protection I 30 x 40cm SOLD
  • Protection Protection 100 x 120 cm SOLD

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